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Who We Are

Consultants specializing in Commercial & Industrial Energy Cost Reduction Solutions. Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Microgrid Management Systems, Utility Rebates & Federal Tax Credit Opportunities (ITC & 179D).


Reduced energy bills, increased net profits, tax credits, rebates and lowered carbon footprints: these are results commercial and industrial clients enjoy. Saddleback Energy Consulting specializes in comprehensive energy assessments, real-time operational data, evaluations and changing regulatory environments so that customized renewable energy and energy efficient applications are created and implemented.


Smart homes, new construction, retrofitting: Saddleback Energy Consulting provides the opportunity for energy reduction services, renewable energy applications and available tax credits. On-site assessments, technological expertise and regulatory knowledge are applied to create cost saving solutions for any residential energy need.

Our Latest Solar Energy Project

Why Our Solutions Work

Saddleback Energy Consulting provides quantitative results that equate to a 25% or higher reduction in monthly power bills; which means increased bottom-line profitability.

Energy Efficiency: a Moving Target

At Saddleback Energy Consulting, technology is growing and improving on a daily basis. State and federal regulatory environments are ever-changing. Our mandate is to provide energy cost-saving applications which factor in all the moving parts.

Transparency and Real-Time Data

Real-time data on operational costs are gathered, overall energy usage is evaluated and industry best practices are compared against established standards; producing ultimate energy performance recommendations for our clients. At Saddleback Energy Consulting, all of these moving parts are considered before final proposals are presented to our clients.

Saddleback Energy Consulting Innovations

Power cycling for refrigeration systems · solar-powered daylight and HVAC systems · LED lighting · storage battery and demand optimized energy usage · sustainable service strategies · Building and Energy Management Systems 

Green and Sustainable Energy

We specialize in sustainable green energy client solutions which reduce carbon emissions, increase profitability and create branding opportunities for green corporate citizens.
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Saddleback Energy Consulting

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