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How We Reduce Costs, Create Energy Efficiency and Apply Renewable Energy Options


Renewable energy will be an important part of the energy supply mix going forward
Renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, storage battery, hydro and geothermal are receiving a great deal of focus since they are a clean and inexhaustible form of energy.
This is particularly important in these times when many U.S. states have enacted renewable portfolio standards which mandate increasing levels of clean energy to be included in utility portfolios

Benefits and Challenges

Each type of renewable energy has its own benefits and challenges. Each has received different treatment in terms of governmental and regulatory approaches pertaining to tax credits, subsidies and rebates.

Many Options Available

A wide range of renewable energy applications could include wind, PV solar, thermal energy, combined heat and power systems, storage battery systems and microgeneration management systems. All of these are readily available as applicable solutions to reducing utility energy costs.


New technologies are under development to boost efficiency and meet net zero energy requirements
Energy efficiency is now first in the "loading order" for many U.S. states as it is the most economical way to create energy in the form of savings. 

Energy efficiency can take many forms such as more efficient equipment and appliances, improved technology such as combined heat and power, and other forms such as tighter buildings, more efficient lighting and better insulation. 

To meet these design criteria, passive and low energy homes are now commonplace and new technologies are under development to boost energy efficiency further to meet the near net zero energy construction requirements.


The staff at Saddleback Energy Consulting has experience with these types of investments and technologies.
All of these represent investments with different costs and paybacks and some applications may work better than others depending on the exact circumstances and specifications. 

These investments can be costly, but in many cases there are offsets and tax credits that can be applied to help reduce costs and increase payback. There are many factors to consider before choosing which specific applications should be implemented.

We provide research, education and advice in many areas of energy efficiency and Renewable Energy to owners of commercial and industrial businesses.
OFFICE: Orange County, CA 92692
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